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We had an awesome first Smartmomz Meetup this Saturday, Dec 1st, 2012 supported by! This meet was dedicated to women who are mothers and also entrepreneurs, awesome employees, leaders, decision makers who tirelessly strive to maintain the delicate balance between their work and family.

The stories of motherhood and entrepreneurs shared by the women were indeed inspiring and I realized we as moms had so much in common! All of us go through almost the same experiences and expectations. We discussed:

  • How being a mom in today’s world is different from decades ago.
  • Display of affection between parents in front of children (pertaining to conservative Indian culture) – is this change healthy?
  • Safety and security of children in present times – Are parents more worried about safety of their children today as compared to a decade ago? Are children unsafe more today than before?
  • Entrepreneurs / Mompreneurs in parenting and kids space shared about their venture.
  • Women entrepreneurs and mompreneurs sometimes tend to put their venture to second priority to their family but they have to regard their work as important too – some experiences shared.


Many thanks to and everyone present there for sharing their inspiring stories, amazing viewpoints during the discussions and making this meet really wonderful and memorable!

Some more pics of this meet by

I am a mother of a 6 year old. My life's experiences and the desire to be a better parent inspired me to create SmartMomz. It has been a great learning experience and I am still learning something new everyday, which is amazing! Building SmartMomz has helped me understand much more about motherhood and about myself as a mother. I am a geek mom with great interest in design, technology and gadgets.

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