Prepare your home for safe pregnancy

There is no place like home. During pregnancy, your home should be the place to relax, have a good time, and should be the safest place to be. Prepare your home for the next 40 weeks, by taking care of few simple things.

  • Pests – Rodents carry a virus known as lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus (LCMV) (reference- and it is known to be extremely harmful to your baby. Stay away from rodents throughout pregnancy. If you have a pet rodent, ask someone else in the family to take care of it. Contact a pest control team which can rid your home from pests like cockroaches, geckos and rodents, and your home will be a cleaner and safer place to stay.
  • Chemicals – Get rid of extremely harsh chemicals in your home like acids, solvents, insecticides and anything that may contain lead and mercury.
  • Make more space – If possible, you should rearrange your furniture’s position to avoid tripping. This will also bring some change in your home interiors that you might like, and also make your home safer.
  • Create a relaxation zone just for you – During pregnancy, being stress free is important. If you haven’t done it yet – create your own space for recreation, pregnancy exercises, music, reading, yoga or anything that makes you happy.

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