Planning A Baby

Are you prepared to be a Parent?

Having a little one in the family is a blessing and brings moments of joy and happiness for the family. But looking after a baby, the effort and care the baby needs can get overwhelming for most new mothers.

New mothers may feel:

  • Loss of independence, as the baby demands a lot of time, and you may feel that it is impossible to give time to yourself, household work or your profession.
  • A completely disturbed routine and lack of sleep.
  • The work which you used to feel easy to do might become a daunting task because of lack of time and tiredness.
  • Your partner may start feeling impatient to see you so preoccupied and tired all the time.
  • Little time to relax may make you feel emotionally exhausted.
  • Outings with the baby or toddler can also become difficult as the he/she can try to explore around.

The baby will ask you for your time, love and effort. After all, you are raising another human being. So it’s better to have knowledge of how your life as a mom would be, and then be prepared for it. Before planning a baby, make sure you are ready for all these changes in your life.

Seek help from family and talk to other moms. Almost all moms have faced some common feelings and sharing and letting it out would really be helpful.

I had always found small babies extremely adorable and I always thought it would be fun being a mom. One of my friends told me to treasure each moment with my husband as after the baby I won’t get much time for myself. I thought ‘she is saying just like that and it is not so difficult’. I was under a false impression. I am not trying to say that babies are nightmares, but the changes in life as a mother can be really stressful. I was having a completely different perspective and it left me saying later on – ‘I was not prepared for this’!

If you are a first time parent, this is a must read because your life is going to change completely after becoming a parent, especially mothers. Moms to be should know what will be their life like and be mentally prepared.

Being a parent is a great responsibility and it is not so easy. Obviously, one has to raise another human being, and one who needs lots and lots of care, as he / she is new to this world. A baby is completely helpless unless you give her your undivided attention and time. Suddenly the life becomes very demanding. There will be moments when a couple can long to relive the times before pregnancy. Before beginning to plan a baby it is essential to know how your lifestyle is going to change and how it will be after the baby comes into your life. The following text will give you some idea about your first year with the baby.

Baby’s Infancy (0-3 Months)
Active baby (3-6 months)

Active baby (6-12 months)

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