Baby Bowels, Urination and Diapers

Your baby’s bowels and urination are good indicators of her health, and therefore should be carefully observed.


The newborn baby’s urine indicates if she is adequately hydrated. A newborn should pass urine quite often, at least once every 2 hours. The urine should be odorless and almost like water. A yellowish tint and less urination indicate dehydration. If you are using disposable or cloth diapers with absorbent pads, then these should be changed every three hours, or whenever the diaper feels heavy. It is best to use diapers only for outings and keep baby comfortable in soft, light, cotton cloth diapers especially during hot and humid weather. Keeping a good stock of cotton cloth diapers helps, as your baby would soil them often, and that you don’t have time to wash them so often either.

The First Bowels

An infant has at least 3-4 bowel movements in a day. If your baby is exclusively breastfed, the stools would be loose, with some curdy formations. The first stool the baby passes is meconium, which is dark and greenish. The color of the stool becomes lighter by the second or third day to greenish/brownish and then to yellowish/light green. By the first week, the baby starts having regular bowel movements (2-4 per day). Bottle fed babies have rather more solid stools, and are more odorous than breastfed babies. Loose and greenish stools in bottle fed babies are a sign of possible infection and diarrhea.


Diapers are convenient and helpful, but should be used in a way that does not make the baby uncomfortable. Diapers can be of cloth or disposable. Disposable diapers contain plastic coverings on the outside, which can block air flow, and can be uncomfortable for the baby during warm and humid weather.

A diaper should be comfortable to put on the baby, should be soft, airy and comfortable to wear. For disposable diapers, there should be quick absorption and the material should not contain lot of plastic. These days many good diapers are made with a material that gives a cloth like feel. Second most important thing is the tape, which should be re-attachable, soft and very flexible, in fact made from the soft cloth like material and not plastic. Thick, plastic, less flexible and glue based tapes can hurt the baby. Such plastic diaper tapes are sharp enough to give cuts!

Cloth diapers should be worn with strings that can be tied, buttons or with re-attachable hook and loop fasteners. Use of sharp diaper pins should be avoided, as in a hurry that can hurt the baby or the adult.

To increase convenience with cloth diapers, there are absorbent diaper pads that can be used with the cloth diapers, but there are more chances of leakage. So if you are travelling, or outside, better use soft, disposable diapers.

Which brands are offering good diapers?

Huggies Dry Comfort series is a good buy. Huggies Ultra series is almost the same as dry comfort, but at a higher price. Maybe the absorption is better in terms of quickness and quantity, but otherwise they look the same as the dry comfort series.

Pampers have a hard plastic glue based tape, which gave cuts to my baby’s thighs, and also are not very soft and airy.

Mamy Poko pants are also a good buy, and perform almost like Huggies, but they can be a bit uncomfortable in hot weather, because of the elastic belt.

Wipro range of diapers is also good, just a bit costlier.

This section has been written from my own experience. Moms, do share your own experience using comments or write your own blog post!


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