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Sonia Singh – Founder at Smartmomz

Smartmomz.com is created and maintained by me, a mother, an entrepreneur. Having moved to a new city, Bangalore in 2008, and being a first time mom with a 4 month old daughter, I was clueless and lonely here. After I resigned from my 9-6 job in this city, I decided that I won’t work for any firm and would like to be self employed, so that I can give more time to my child and to myself. I wanted to be a better mom, learn and share experiences and connect with moms, which motivated me to start building SmartMomz in 2010, slowly at my own pace, putting up useful information and adding features to build a community. I selected the name Smartmomz to signify a place open to all moms, who want to bring about a change, who want to explore, connect and provoke minds to think, and who want to spread awareness and wisdom, all coming together from different cultures and places to celebrate together the spirit of motherhood.

The community platform becomes what the members make of it, and they are free to utilize this platform as frequently, and as extensively as they want as a medium of expression and online social activity. The content presented by Smartmomz should be considered as valuable knowledge and information derived from real life experiences of moms.

Here is what moms can do at SmartMomz:

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