Kids won’t listen

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Our 3 year old daughter does not listen to us many times. When we are out, she would just run away towards traffic and we have to run after her to get hold of her. While shopping she would run away from us to touch bottles of creams, shampoos and lotions on the shelves, and if she finds enough room she would run and try to cover the entire space many times. When having food at home, she would have a bite and run, and I have to call (and even shout) her name many times to give her another bite.

She is full of energy and so excited to run around and explore (we have figured out the reason when she doesn’t listen and that has helped us), that she won’t care to listen, and it is very difficult to explain things to her about her safety, when we are outside. What we as parents have tried:

  • Shown her an advertisement in which they show a girl getting lost when she leaves her father’s hand and runs away, but later both find each other.
  • Told her the consequences of being lost and we repeat that once always before leaving home.
  • Told her about fast moving traffic and to stay on the sides.
  • Told her that she should listen to parents, because that her favorite cartoon characters, who she likes to watch and copy, do.

We have told her all above in a manner she would understand and not like explaining to an adult.

It is not that the above efforts have not made any impact. We know she understands very well, but only when she wants to play or have some fun, she won’t care. So at that point, we have to catch her attention by saying something that would sound interesting to her, like “see a monkey has come on that tree” or “look what we got for you” or “if you don’t want to eat then I am eating your delicious food” etc., and this works most of the times.

Letting the child face consequences also helps him/her to understand the importance of listening. Once my daughter was running very fast and there was a risk of her tumbling and falling on the knees on a coarse ground. She did not listen and she fell down and badly hurt her knee. Then I explained “if you would have listened to me this would not have happened”.

Every child is different, so there needs to be an understanding about the reasons behind a child’s behavior. Knowing the whys is the first step and solves half the problem.


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