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Image Source- Flickr Creative Commons. Image by Strupler

Image Source- Flickr Creative Commons. Image by Strupler

As we get older, the thought of celebrating a birthday becomes something of a nightmare. Do we really want to celebrate another wrinkle, or another grey hair? No! Our kids, however, can think of nothing better than to be surrounded by their friends, eating cake, and opening presents. Little ones wait all year for this one special day, so it’s lovely to do something they’ll always remember. Whether that’s planning a party at home, setting off on a day out, or taking them out to a local family restaurant will depend on what your children prefer; the tricky part is planning such an event.

There are plenty of resources online for discovering fun things for kids to do for their birthday, whether that’s suggestions for activities for kids, ideas for an impressive cake design, or fun party snacks. But choosing the best options will depend on a little forethought, so here are some of the basic factors you need to consider!

Fun & Exciting Activities

There are a number of important decisions you’ll need to make when planning a kid’s birthday party – the theme, the food, the guests – but perhaps one of the most challenging is deciding upon games and activities for kids that will keep everyone happy and entertained during the celebrations. The type of games and activities should be age-appropriate for the birthday boy or girl, and the guests – and it doesn’t hurt to try and incorporate some aspects of the party’s theme into the festivities. Use your (and your kids’) imaginations, and you’ll soon find there are hundreds of choices! However, there are two important aspects to keep in mind. Firstly, if you’ve got adequate space, it’s well worth planning some active games to help kids burn off some energy. Secondly, do consider how competitive games may affect the atmosphere of the party.

Active Games

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Image Source – Flickr Creative Commons. Image by stampinmom

While the link between sugar and hyperactivity in children is tentative, there is definite research to conclude that an overload in ‘fuel’ can affect sensitive areas of the brain; which may make it seem as though your kids will never calm down. Some parents are choosing to limit the amount of sugar during a birthday party to reduce over-excitement, offering unrefined sugar in the form of fruits and vegetables – but you may not see much of a difference. Kids are so excited to be at a party, that it’s really not the food that’s to blame for over-stimulated kids. A good idea is to play some active, energetic games that can burn off some of that excitement. This can be as structured, or as unstructured, as you like. Unstructured activities for kids, for example, could be playing music and dancing, whereas structured activities could involve treasure hunts or outdoor sports.


So many children’s games today involve some aspect of competition, and while these games are great for older kids (around 6 or older), introducing a competitive atmosphere for younger children can prove to be too much pressure. Some children may struggle to find the confidence to compete, and that will make them shy away from your party games; there’s also a chance the birthday boy or girl won’t ‘win’ – which may ruin their mood on their big day. You may wish to think up some non-competitive activities if you’re throwing a party for younger children. Consider having an arts and crafts table set up with coloured papers, glues, glitters, and paints, or playing a pass-the-parcel game with a small surprise hidden in each layer, so that all the players get a little present. Some parents who have taken the non-competitive route have claimed parties are much more relaxed.

The most important thing is that you don’t get stressed out or frazzled planning your kid’s birthday party. Just take it easy – chances are your kids won’t really notice if everything doesn’t go completely to plan. We strive to make everything perfect, when all children really want is their friends, some gifts to open, and perhaps a slice of cake… Or three!

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