Inspiring Mompreneurs – Interview with Aarti Bindra


100_7303-001_1Aarti is a mom of a teenager and an entrepreneur. She manages a wide range of businesses, which include her own learning center for children named “Faculty-Inspiring Talent” and family owned Information Security and Information Assurance business (ACPL Systems Pvt ltd.). Aarti is also developing apps focused on early learning years of kids, based on her knowledge in teaching methodologies.

She is certified by WEConnect International (an organization that enables women owned businesses to succeed in the global market place) as “Women Owned and Run Businesses”. She is an ambassador for Northern India (NCR region) for this organization.

In this interview Aarti shares about her journey as a mother and an entrepreneur, how being a mompreneur is different, and how she has learnt to manage career and ambition with responsibilities at home. She talks on how to inculcate leadership skills among children and raising teenagers with good character. Lastly she also shares her unique experiences as a child counselor.

Quotes from the Interview:

“I have attended many entrepreneurship programmes that give importance to prioritization. But one cannot prioritize when on one side you have a client waiting and an unwell child at home at the same time, both are important.”

“Try to help and support people around you – your team at office and family at home, because they are the ones who will support you when you need help.”

I am a mother of a 6 year old. My life's experiences and the desire to be a better parent inspired me to create SmartMomz. It has been a great learning experience and I am still learning something new everyday, which is amazing! Building SmartMomz has helped me understand much more about motherhood and about myself as a mother. I am a geek mom with great interest in design, technology and gadgets.

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