Double For All The Trouble

Double For All The Trouble

By Bali.D.Sanghvi   (As told to Shreeja Mohatta Jhawar)

“We receive when we believe”

It is a crisp Sunday morning. I have woken up to my dream and God’s blessings in the form of my tiny twins Vivaan and Vedant stretching and curling in the cot by the decorated wall full of congratulating notes and messages from my loved ones who strengthened my prayer with theirs, who have been a constant witness of my journey to motherhood, which seemed impossible in the light of the facts thrown upon my crumbling heart by pathologists. After four years of trying my husband and I decided to seek medical assistance. We were informed that I had blocked tubes because of which my possibilities of conceiving and retaining a baby in my womb were almost none.

Today, as my nostrils expand to inhale the fragrance of babies and my arms itch every moment to pick up my sleeping angels in a tight embrace, my heart gladdens when I look at my husband happy, breaking into an effortless smile that reaches his eyes when he holds his flesh and blood to his heart, I feel as though I have won the battle against hopelessness.

I remember the day I entered the fertility clinic with jittery heart but lots of hope along with my husband. The formal setting and unnerving air took its toll on my calmness. My panic aggravated when I was introduced to a young and handsome male doctor who was to consult me during the entire treatment. I was unsure and resisting. I insisted my husband to change to a female doctor. Just then I was called inside for a physical examination and scan. I squirmed with embarrassment. My mind never let up for an instant and Dr. Rohit seemed to read every thought through the worried lines on my face. He looked into my eyes reassuringly and in a friendly manner. He calmed me and soothed away the frowns with his brilliant smile and practiced hands.

He not only explained every intricate detail but also answered each and every simple and complex question we had in our mind. And the biggest gift he gave us that day was the gift of optimism and possibilities by his words, gestures and smiles. Our forlorn state reversed and we felt rejuvenated.

More than my doctor he had become our good friend who shared his feelings with us; I remember his joy when his son was born and how happy he was with the name ‘Neil’, suggested by me. He would answer my calls at midnight and would also take the initiative to text me and find out how I was doing. I still remember when I shared the excitement of my baby’s first kick with him and heard his equally enthusiastic tone on the other end. Once on finding me online for a long time he emailed me asking to take rest instead of being on the computer for long hours. Every single gesture of his touched my life positively.

He steered my vehicle to my destination with ease and all I had to do to receive was believe. It was because of him that I could hold on for two long years after repeated failures and painful procedure. I waited with patience and endurance that I never thought I possessed. Over hundreds of injections and many intra-uterine inseminations (IUI) and one failed IVF (In-Vitro-Fertilization) I would have folded up but I followed through because of my doctor who had now become my friend. He gave of his best and was extremely hopeful no matter what. I would come out from the shell of depression whenever I looked into his face.

The number of people, whom I had befriended in the waiting area of the fertility clinic, who were also going through the same treatment, was dwindling either because they gave up or succeeded or switched doctors as they lacked trust. But I held on with a firm grit.

And finally, our moment came. We were able to secure our two sparkling diamonds from the crest jewel of love, hope and life. Science has in its fold remarkable inventions but real healing lies in the hands of doctors like Dr. Rohit Gutgutia who have a positive mind, empathetic and humane attitude. I owe a lot to him. He is the God-father of my children. He mended my cracked urchin and filled it to the brink with joy. As I hold my babies to my bosom I am flushed with blissful rapture and overwhelming gratitude. I feel the journey was worthwhile as I would have never known the extent of human goodness and the power of believing.

A recent mother of twin boys, running an online library by the name: and an author whose stories are published in Chicken Soup For The Soul Book. I would like to come into contact with women who are having trouble conceiving and who are under goining fertility treatment. Since i have been through that, i can understand and help people. My interests are reading, writing, travelling and swimming.

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Hi Bali,

I came across your article in smartmomz. I am in the process of selecting a doctor who will assist me in this journey of hopefully becoming a mother one day as a result of the personal health complications I have been diagnosed with. Dr Gutgutia's name was mentioned to me by someone, as were a few other names. Apart from your review, I could find no other complimentary feedback about him. I was hoping that you could possibly share your personal experiences with Dr. Gutgutia, which would assist me in coming to a deicison soon. I'm an NRI and having to weigh up all the pros and cons, is doing my head in. I would be happy to provide more details in our personal correspondence as I do not wish to share everything in this public forum. Hope to hear from you soon. Really loved your blog.



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