Some of the best Apps for Moms

There are loads of apps available today and here is a list of some of the best ones for moms. I am using most of these apps and these are great!


I usually keep post-its or small pocket books to jot down important info, only to lose them later. I then started using notes software, but it was clumsy to keep all the text files organized on the computer and taking backups was never on my mind. Evernote is a one in all app where we can jot down notes (including pictures), organize them and we can search to easily find a note we jotted down months earlier. All gets updated on the computer, browser app, ipad and phone. The feature I love the most is the web clipper, which saves the web pages / articles on a website to my notes to read later. I use the evernote chrome app and evernote web clipper extension on my chrome browser and save the articles I like on the web to my notes. This saves me from loading separate apps for personal notes and for storing web pages/ articles. Works well for me! Works on laptops, tablets and mobiles.

Google Drive

Google drive is the new version for Google Docs and offers 5GB free space. Anyone with a gmail account can use this in their browser. The best use of drive for me is sharing of documents with my contacts on gmail. I have used this to create important lists and share with family who can modify the document as well, like shopping lists, or plans for a holiday etc. It is just like carrying out a discussion with friends (whenever one gets time), which I can’t do with Evernote. Works on laptops, tablets and mobiles.


This is a great app for moms with kids around 8 years old or younger. It offers some interesting games and gets customized as per the child’s interest while the child uses the app. This app also focuses on content and makes sure it is appropriate for kids. Though the mobile app may use up some phone battery. My little one loves it! Works on laptops, tablets and mobiles.


An app for children that reads out illustrated story books to them. Keeps them busy and entertained while travelling or when they have to wait for you. This is limited to mobile apps for iPhone and android. Some drawbacks like small font, memory usage have been mentioned in the reviews. Also one review said that one particular story was different than usual. But many reviews were positive and said that children do love this app.


For those who like sharing photos, this is a very popular and a cool photo sharing app that lets you add effects to photos and instantly share them on facebook, twitter and tumblr. Haven’t tried this one yet, but will do surely.



First Aid

This is a must have app for anyone, as it offers first aid instructions that can be used during emergency situations to help anyone in need. The instructions are step-by-step and easy to understand with illustrations and videos. It also has a myths section to clarify correct methods of first aid.



This app offers symptom-checker and informs about health conditions, offers information on treatments and drugs, first aid, and helps find closest physician, hospital, & pharmacy based on your current location or search by city, state or zip. Can run offline to provide first aid information anytime. A very useful app for staying informed on medical conditions and health related information.

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They look good, but what is the cost? My kids are grown, but I have an iPad for my classroom and am always on the lookout for great apps.



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 @jlansky Most of the apps mentioned are free. The app zoodles is suitable for very young kids and is suitable for classroom use - Though the app is free, some features are paid. Hope you found the article useful :)

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