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About Me

I am a mom of two wonderful daughters. By profession/passion I am a fashion designer, image consultant and CEO/Founder at WSol. I like baking, dancing, swimming, travel, shopping, a gym and dance freak .Passionate about colors, fabric, texture, and people.

About Wardrobe Solutions

I believe that dynamic personal and professional image can be created without having to forego personal style or comfort.  My aim in life and business is to encourage people to be able to look in the mirror and smile, to discover what to wear to look and feel fabulous, create their own success in life – and to stop wasting money on clothes they never wear! Hence I began with Wardrobe Solutions (WSol) which is a fashion and image consultancy.

The service offerings of WSol are:

  • Color profiling: The colors that bring out your best features and enhance your personal coloring.
  • Style profiling: Knowing how best to wear your unique style along with detailed lifestyle and body style analysis.
  • Wardrobe restyle – Perfect wearable wardrobe
  • Customized packages – Look your best in all situations
  • Personal Shopping – Apply principle of smart shopping to capitalize time money and energy.
  • Hair and makeup makeovers – Look like you only better!!!

At Wsol we not only understand your needs, we anticipate them. There are quite few of customized packages where the fabric will be handpicked keeping in mind your color profile. Will be designed exclusively for you keeping in mind your style profile and lifestyle.

Other Achievements and Pursuits

I have expertise in fashion design and I am a certified skin and color analyst. I have also done a management course for women entrepreneurs form Indian Institute of Management (IIM-Bangalore).

I have worked in US as a certified skin and color consultant for several years helping women learn to pick their colors, teaching the art of makeup .Helping clients to identify the right regime of skin care according to their skin type and also introducing them to the age defying products according to client’s specific needs.

I have owned a fashion consultancy and used to design exclusive suits and blazers for women in Ahmedabad, the textile city of India after completing a course in Fashion Designing.

I work with prestigious management schools, organizations, individuals, social and business groups, as well as businesses and associations providing all areas of image advice, including business dress and sales success.

I was selected as the India finalist for the British council’s Young Fashion Entrepreneur award.

I have been featured in book for innovative women entrepreneurs.

I also offer private consultation and remarkable makeovers for women, brides to be, moms to be. Some of the packages offered are:

  • Corporate Wear
  • Casuals
  • Formals
  • Vacation Package
  • Package for Moms to be
  • Package for brides to be
  • And More

Challenges being a Mompreneur

Getting married at an early age has its own virtues. Did my course in fashion designing and got myself certified as a skin and color consultant in US. I always count my blessings because everything just happens for a great reason, When they were small I used to work only on weekends when my husband could be home with our two daughters. We always felt that grandparents should be able to enjoy the time with grandkids but should not be burdened with the responsibilities. Kids do spent some time alone with grandparents they also love it that way.

Didn’t want to leave kids in anybody else’s care, so me and my husband managed to homeschool them till they turned three and were ready for proper school. So we thoroughly enjoyed those years with them and the feeling of security that comes with it.

Coming back to India was the best thing that happened to me. Joined IIM-B and did the entrepreneurship course from there. It was after this “Wsol” was born.

Whenever in our household  we do something for the first time we tend to prepare kids .We do have a chat with them about  the things that may change in their routine , like some days  I may not be there at home on time to help them with their homework or extra evening activities . I felt they feel more secure and are more adaptive if they know what is happening.

I have two daughters 11 year old and an 8yr old they do understand that their mom is working hard and going after her passion that doesn’t mean that they have become secondary. Things do get emotional sometimes especially when they need you to be physically present at some place.

We have kept Friday evenings only for kids, all of us together watch kids movie, dinner and ice creams .We don’t commit to any social gatherings on Friday, so kids eagerly look forward to Fridays.

They are also happy if I can surprise them sometimes, the surprise can be some snack they love or a small note to them in their lunch box.

Everybody in the house is assigned a household chore. We bake together; kids have to come up with recipes and have to collect the ingredients. These are some of the things we do together as a family.

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