A perfect Birthday Party

Image Source - Flickr Creative Commons. Image by strupler

Image Source – Flickr Creative Commons. Image by strupler

As a mom, and like all other moms I want a perfect Birthday party for my child  – where everyone has a great time, kids enjoy games together and really like the cake and the food!

During my daughter’s 3rd and 4th birthday, we had planned for a typical Birthday party. Me and my husband worked really hard for a week to 10 days for – hiring a good chef for preparing food, buying things for decorating the hall, taking instructions from the chef to get all necessary food items, disposable utensils and bags, containers and jugs for water and juice, crockery, rented extra chairs and cutlery and bought return gifts. But before all this we had distributed the invitation cards to estimate the number of guests and make preparations accordingly. The only thing we skipped was hiring a party decorator.

On her 4th and 5th birthday we were literally drained out with so much work and there was not enough time to enjoy our daughter’s birthday and spend quality time with her. But it was the 4th Birthday which made us think – is this really a good way to celebrate?

This is how her 4th birthday went:

All children at the party were 2-4 year old at that time. The party began, and all the kids went wild with excitement, some of them were jumping on our beds with their shoes on, so I followed them, asked them to come out and play in the hall and locked the rooms. On the other side the kids (including my daughter) started fighting over chips and popcorns, throwing them all over the floor. I was sweeping the floor, handling the guests, the kids and helping out the chef in the kitchen – and was feeling overwhelmed and helpless.

I tried to engage the kids in games, asked the moms to volunteer and help me, but none of the kids were listening. I had kept prizes for the games, and I started showing them the prizes to motivate them – “the child who wins the game would get the prize”. That was the biggest mistake – the kids started snatching the prize from my hands and started fighting for it. So I dropped the idea.

Then it was time to cut the cake, the moment we brought the cake to the table, every other child wanted to cut the cake and started shouting and pushing each other! I had to guard the cake for 10 minutes, trying to keep the children away with my arms, until my husband and everyone gathered around to cut the cake. By that time my daughter was crying and kept on crying while she cut the cake.

It was a crazy, extremely noisy party which I had never seen before, every other child was shouting (except one or two), and the only plus point was that the cake and the food were amazing. But I was exhausted after the party was over. When everyone left I was feeling so emotional and sad to the point of crying – I was feeling that we had worked so hard to give a good time to our daughter and her friends on her birthday and it came out to be a disaster! I shared this with my parents and in-laws and they said its normal and kids that young behave that way. But the way the party went was really overwhelming for me.

So we decided to do it differently on her 5th birthday. We decided not to have a typical party, but the one which she really enjoys and a time where the whole family can relax and have a good time together. So I researched about places around where kids can do some creative stuff and we decided to visit Claytopia. This time we didn’t do any 10 day preparations – it just took about 20-25 minutes of online research. I sent invites via email to close friends to join us at Claytopia along with their families. We painted some pottery, had some snacks, had her cut the birthday cake, there was relaxing music playing in the background we all were chatting happily. One of my friends mentioned that this was a great way to celebrate and was a really good idea!

We came back home and we were not feeling tired, we left the place happy and relaxed, and everything went perfectly! I am thankful that this time, I was able to give my child a perfect Birthday party!

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