A Balanced Approach to Parenting

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I have been recently coming across many discussions on parenting styles – Is it good to be like a Tiger Mom (more of an Authoritarian parenting style) or are the parenting styles of the west better (more of an indulgent parenting style).

These styles of parenting approach the two extremes, too strict and too lenient, and these styles of parenting are not centered towards the child, and there is very little emotional connection or bonding between the parents and children. A too strict parent keeps the child bound to a demand and the child feels shackled and wants to be left free. A too lenient parent may make the child feel more lonely, confused and disobedient.

Little children are not aware of what is good or what is acceptable in the society, what is good for their health and well being. So it is the parent’s duty to follow a balanced approach, where they know their child’s personality, and convey messages the way s/he will easily understand, be more empathetic, loving and connected to their child, and help him solve problems when he/she is in need. Such parents also control their child in many different matters, where they feel there is a need to intervene, and also set the child free to explore, make decisions and ask questions. Punishments given to the children are not very harsh, and parents tell the child the reason for him/her being punished. e.g. If a child is not sharing toys with younger sibling even after explaining the importance of sharing, he/she will not be allowed to play with the toys for few hours.

In a balanced parenting approach, the parents themselves make efforts to bring some changes in their own personality, as they are the role models and examples for their own kids. So if they want their child to be disciplined and learn good manners, they try to follow the same rules, and the child most probably follows. This way the child will have more love and respect for the parents and will be more obedient. S/he will also show good personality development and children of such parents are more successful in relationship building and academics.



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