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Safe Bathing for Newborns

Category: Infants (0-3 months)

A newborn is very delicate. Her head has to be supported all the time as she is yet to develop the strength to balance her head on her neck. Bathing a newborn is therefore difficult, if you do not have a properly designed bath tub or a seat to support the baby while you bathe Read More…


Grilled Sandwich with tofu and vegetables

Category: Food Health Healthy Recipes Lunchbox Recipes Recipe for all

  This is a tasty sandwich rich in proteins (tofu), vitamins and minerals (vegetables and bread), carbohydrates (bread) and calcium (cheese) and can be served in breakfast or as an evening snack. Ingredients: Whole wheat or multigrain bread For Sandwich Filling Slices or small cubes of Tofu (medium – that is soft but firm) (1 Read More…

Fourth Month – The baby Smiles

Category: The Nine Months

With this month the second trimester begins, and it consists of weeks 13 to 16 of pregnancy. The second trimester is the most comfortable phase of pregnancy for moms-to-be. Read the given table to know more about the fourth month of pregnancy. Mom to be Baby Do’s and Don’ts Food This month you will feel Read More…

chicken nuggets for kids….

Category: Food Healthy Recipes

chicken nuggets…. Ingredients: 2 boneless chicken breast(cut into small cubes) 1 egg white salt,black pepper, jeera (Cumin) powder, dhaniya (Coriander) powder ginger and garlic paste lemon chili powder mix all the ingredients together, leave to marinate for 1/2 an hour, then coat with bread crumbs and deep fry over medium heat. easy snack for fussy Read More…

Garden Gupshups and more

Category: General

Wanted to share something I wrote on my blog, about juggling work time with time spent with kids, especially during the holiday time… not sure what others moms are doing about this, but maybe the posters attached on my blog post may be of interest to some mothers… sharing one here! [ratings] Related posts: Read More…

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Preserving Nutrients in Food

Category: Food Health

Cooking for fussy children creatively isn’t so easy I believe, and we moms have to keep in mind – the taste, the appearance, and nutrition to get some of it to land in the little tummy. But nutrition is the most important part, and some of the important nutrients get destroyed in the process of Read More…

Omega 3 and Omega 6 Fatty Acids

Category: Food Health Prevention

Why is Omega-3 important in diet? Omega 3 fatty acids are essential for not only a healthy brain but are also vital for many other important functions in the body. These fatty acids form parts of each and every cell in the body, they influence genetics throughout the life cycle, help increase immunity, prevent inflammations Read More…

How much salt is OK in my Baby’s first food?

Category: Baby Food

Salt makes food tastier, but it is better to let the baby’s first food be without salt. The daily amount of salt required by a baby is not more than 1g per day (which means around One fifth of a teaspoon. 1 tsp = 5g of salt). Too much salt can damage kidneys, result Read More…

When should I start brushing my baby’s teeth?

Category: Baby's Dental Care

Your baby’s teeth start appearing by 6 months of age. You can start cleaning the baby’s first teeth with a soft finger brush. But that brush needs to be sterilized every time. So, a soft, lint free, and clean cotton cloth can be used for wiping the baby’s teeth after every feed. Giving some water Read More…

Chicken Bread by Fauzia

Chicken bread recipe

Category: Food Healthy Recipes Recipe for all

  Ingredients for dough: Flour 4 cups Yeast 1 tbsp Powder milk 2 tbsp Salt 1 tspOil 4 tbspEgg 1 1Castor sugar 1 tsp Method: In a bowl mix together 4 cups flour, 1 tsp salt, 1 tsp castor sugar, 2 tbsp milk powder, 1 tbsp yeast, 4 tbsp oil and 1 egg, knead to a Read More…

Lunchbox Recipe: Carrot and Pepper Sandwiches

Category: Food Healthy Recipes Lunchbox Recipes

I just put these in my daughter’s lunchbox today, and thought of sharing the recipe with you! These sandwiches are very easy to prepare. What makes them easy is that I can prepare the mixture in advance, and in the morning, all I have to do is spread it on the slice of bread, cover Read More…

Baby massage

Benefits of Baby Massage

Category: Baby ( 3 - 12 Months) Infants (0-3 months) Post Natal Care

Baby massage has been part of Indian culture as long as we can remember, where moms have been massaging their babies with oil (usually almond oil, coconut oil during summers, and mustard seed oil during winters) regularly after bathing the baby, with the famous belief that massage makes their baby’s bones and joints stronger, besides Read More…