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Understanding Bullying

Category: Behavior and Psychology Child Safety

  The Cambridge Dictionary defines bully as – “to hurt or frighten someone who is smaller or less powerful than you, often forcing them to do something they do not want to do | to threaten to hurt someone, often frightening that person into doing something”.  A child or a person being bullied is either Read More…

The Monsoon Affair

Category: General Care For Kids

Monsoon is traditionally defined as a seasonal reversing wind accompanied by corresponding changes in precipitation. Courtesy – Wikipedia In simple words it’s the lovely time of the year when it rains and everything turns lush green. It is a cool relief after the hot summer. It also brings some not so lovely things like humid Read More…

Kids Grow Up – A Documentary

Category: Movies for Moms

Right now, your kid may be a young one, still dependent and close to you. But a certain distance creeps up, as they grow up, go out to the world, make friends, and become a grown up individual with his/her own perception and thinking. For parents, kids are their world, but for kids, their world Read More…

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Competing to learn?

Category: Schools and Academics

A friend’s child came over to play with my daughter the other day, and I served them rice with vegetables. Both being fussy eaters, I had to motivate them by telling “whoever finishes the food will become stronger and intelligent, oh see, Noor (my daughter) has already finished half of it and you haven’t even Read More…

Trust – A movie for all parents

Category: Movies for Moms

An upcoming Hollywood movie – Trust is based on the modern lifestyle driven by the internet, and how innocent teens fall in the trap of untrustworthy people with false online identities. This movie tells the story of a teenage girl, 14 year old Annie, who falls in love with someone online who she has never Read More…

Emotional v/s Healthy Eating

Category: Food

  Food is a vital part of our lives and we have come a long way in associating food with different emotions in our lives. We reach for food when we are happy and want to celebrate, and we reach for food for comfort when we feel sad. Every person is unique and therefore his Read More…

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Staying Childfree

Category: Trends

About several years ago, this came up in a conversation with a friend who talked about staying childfree and would like to spend life “freely without restrictions, and more time and resources for self”. I’ve been curious about this again recently after seeing this topic come up during conversations with my other friends who don’t Read More…

Garden Gupshups and more

Category: General

Wanted to share something I wrote on my blog, about juggling work time with time spent with kids, especially during the holiday time… not sure what others moms are doing about this, but maybe the posters attached on my blog post may be of interest to some mothers… sharing one here! [ratings] Related posts: Read More…

Baby massage

Benefits of Baby Massage

Category: Baby ( 3 - 12 Months) Infants (0-3 months) Post Natal Care

Baby massage has been part of Indian culture as long as we can remember, where moms have been massaging their babies with oil (usually almond oil, coconut oil during summers, and mustard seed oil during winters) regularly after bathing the baby, with the famous belief that massage makes their baby’s bones and joints stronger, besides Read More…

Fourth Month – The baby Smiles

Category: The Nine Months

With this month the second trimester begins, and it consists of weeks 13 to 16 of pregnancy. The second trimester is the most comfortable phase of pregnancy for moms-to-be. Read the given table to know more about the fourth month of pregnancy. Related posts: Third Month – The baby begins movement! First Month – The Read More…

Useful Mobile Apps on Women’s Health

Category: Technology

A quick post – check out these mobile apps on women’s health for the mobile savvy moms! These apps offer assistance in health, fitness, women health issues, fertility, pregnancy and even a virtual OB/GYN! Click on these links according to the mobile you own to see the list of the apps. Android Apps   iphone Apps More iPhone Read More…


Grilled Sandwich with tofu and vegetables

Category: Food Health Healthy Recipes Lunchbox Recipes Recipe for all

  This is a tasty sandwich rich in proteins (tofu), vitamins and minerals (vegetables and bread), carbohydrates (bread) and calcium (cheese) and can be served in breakfast or as an evening snack. Ingredients: Whole wheat or multigrain bread For Sandwich Filling Slices or small cubes of Tofu (medium – that is soft but firm) (1 Read More…