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Competing to learn?

Category: Schools and Academics

A friend’s child came over to play with my daughter the other day, and I served them rice with vegetables. Both being fussy eaters, I had to motivate them by telling “whoever finishes the food will become stronger and intelligent, oh see, Noor (my daughter) has already finished half of it and you haven’t even Read More…


Some of the best Apps for Moms

Category: Technology

There are loads of apps available today and here is a list of some of the best ones for moms. I am using most of these apps and these are great! Evernote I usually keep post-its or small pocket books to jot down important info, only to lose them later. I then started using notes Read More…

Save yourself from unsafe food

Category: Food

Consuming safe food is as important as having nutritious food. Cleanliness, hygiene and proper storage of food at the right temperature and the right time is essential to keep your food safe from bacteria, viruses, harmful toxins and chemicals. Young children, elderly and pregnant women are more prone to risks from food contaminants because Related Read More…

Yummy corn spread

Category: Food Healthy Recipes Recipe for all

Kids love a different breakfast everyday! This particular one gives my kids a healthy breakfast and a full tummy! 2 cups sweet corn kernels 2 tbsp butter 1/2 cup grated cheddar cheese 1/2 tsp mixed herbs 1/2 cup milk Salt to taste Bread to toast 1. Crush the corn roughly in the mixer. 2. In Read More…

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Do Eggs raise blood cholesterol levels?

Category: Food Health

  Eggs are known for their health benefits, as they contain proteins (all essential amino acids), carotenes, vitamins, fatty acids, and all essential minerals along with saturated fat and cholesterol as well. An egg yolk contains about 60 calories with the cholesterol content of 210 mg. So does this mean that those who eat eggs Read More…

Introducing yogurt and cow’s milk to babies

Category: Baby Food

Image Source – Flickr Creative Commons Yogurt (or curd) is known to be beneficial in aiding the digestive system by replenishing the friendly bacteria that help fight harmful pathogens and also useful for people who have lactose intolerance. These bacteria also help keeping the digestive tract healthy, and yogurt helps replenish the digestive tract with Read More…

Safe sleeping posture for babies

Category: Baby Sleep Infants (0-3 months)

An infant’s sleep posture is important as this is known to reduce the chances of sleep apnea (breathing cessation while sleeping). Many cases of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) have been observed for infants in which most cases were observed in tummy down sleeping position. Related posts: Are walkers good for babies?

Age and Fertility

Category: Pre Pregnancy

Women have their peak reproductive health between the age of 20 – 25. With increasing age, the changes in the reproductive system reduce the chances of conceiving. The number of eggs in the ovaries reduces with age. The ovarian follicles Related posts: Fertility and Conception

Moms and the Role Strain

Category: General

It is hard to find a mom who is not juggling several roles at any given time. Mothers, whether they work or stay at home, or handle a business, all are juggling several roles as mom, wife, and businesswoman, working mother or as a part of a welfare community. With ambitions and expectations from self, Read More…

Kids Grow Up – A Documentary

Category: Movies for Moms

Right now, your kid may be a young one, still dependent and close to you. But a certain distance creeps up, as they grow up, go out to the world, make friends, and become a grown up individual with his/her own perception and thinking. For parents, kids are their world, but for kids, their world Read More…

Ninth Month – Anytime now!

Category: The Nine Months

By the end of this month or even bit earlier, you will see your baby! Read more about your final month of pregnancy (weeks 36 to 40). Related posts: Eighth Month – The Baby knows your voice! First Month – The new life Begins Fourth Month – The baby Smiles Sixth Month – The baby Read More…

Quick and Healthy Sandwiches

Category: Food Healthy Recipes Lunchbox Recipes

This is my favorite recipe (and my own). This is great for breakfast, evening snack or can be used as a lunchbox recipe for anyone. Ingredients: Whole wheat Bread / multigrain whole wheat bread Cucumber (1) Tomatoes (2) Bell Pepper (1) (Yellow / Red / Green) Sweet Corn (1/2 cup) Purple cabbage (1/2 cup chopped) Read More…