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When should I start brushing my baby’s teeth?

Category: Baby's Dental Care

Your baby’s teeth start appearing by 6 months of age. You can start cleaning the baby’s first teeth with a soft finger brush. But that brush needs to be sterilized every time. So, a soft, Related posts: No related posts.

Dealing with Post Partum depression

Category: Post Natal Care Prevention

This is my first post… I thought some information about post partum depression might be useful.. It is commoner than we think.. it’s just that many women do not want to come out with it as seeing a ‘shrink’ is not looked upon well in society esp. in ours. Not all patients need to see Read More…

Some of the best Apps for Moms

Category: Technology

There are loads of apps available today and here is a list of some of the best ones for moms. I am using most of these apps and these are great! Evernote I usually keep post-its or small pocket books to jot down important info, only to lose them later. I then started using notes Read More…

Household Child Safety – Window Coverings

Category: Child Safety

Young children can get anywhere if left unchecked for a moment and any ordinary household item can quickly become their favorite new play toy. Unfortunately, many of these seemingly harmless things can easily become hazardous for small children. Related posts: Your Child’s Internet Safety

The Best Job

Category: Youtube Videos

This is a must watch commercial for all moms, and therefore I am sharing it with you. This commercial has touched the hearts of many, including mine, because the emotions shown in this video depict the real emotions and feelings moms go through while raising their children. Not only parents of Olympic athletes, but behind Read More…

Are walkers good for babies?

Category: Toys Baby Furniture and Accessories

Baby walkers appear to be safe and parents like to buy one, assuming it would help the baby learn walking and moving around earlier. Also the baby is assumed to be safe inside it and would help him/her be busy for some time, and that would buy some time for the parents. But the truth Related Read More…

Different learning behavior in boys and girls

Category: Behavior and Psychology Schools and Academics

We have come across many debates on how men are different from women, men are better than women or women are better than men and so on. These debates are based on the challenges faced in relationship building and to understand the reasons for typical behaviors in both men and women. It is even more Read More…

Understanding Bullying

Category: Behavior and Psychology Child Safety

  The Cambridge Dictionary defines bully as – “to hurt or frighten someone who is smaller or less powerful than you, often forcing them to do something they do not want to do | to threaten to hurt someone, often frightening that person into doing something”.  A child or a person being bullied is either Read More…

Dealing with Depression during Pregnancy

Category: Pregnancy

Am I Depressed? – Symptoms of depression are persistent negative thoughts, feelings and emotions (from sadness, hopelessness, worthlessness to suicidal) which affect a person’s personality, health, work and relationship Related posts: Bonding with your baby during pregnancy

Ninth Month – Anytime now!

Category: The Nine Months

By the end of this month or even bit earlier, you will see your baby! Read more about your final month of pregnancy (weeks 36 to 40). Related posts: Eighth Month – The Baby knows your voice! First Month – The new life Begins Fourth Month – The baby Smiles Sixth Month – The baby Read More…

Is mango and papaya safe during pregnancy?

Category: Food Health Pregnancy

Both mango and papaya are fruits rich in vitamins A and C. Especially papaya is rich with B vitamin folate which is extremely important during the very early development stages of the baby. Many moms-to-be are warned to avoid eating these fruits during pregnancy but are seldom told the “real” reason behind it – well, Read More…

Prepare your home for safe pregnancy

Category: Pre Pregnancy

There is no place like home. During pregnancy, your home should be the place to relax, have a good time, and should be the safest place to be. Prepare your home for the next 40 weeks, by taking care of few simple things. Related posts: No related posts.

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