Dealing with Post Partum depression

Category: Post Natal Care Prevention

This is my first post… I thought some information about post partum depression might be useful.. It is commoner than we think.. it’s just that many women do not want to come out with it as seeing a ‘shrink’ is not looked upon well in society esp. in ours. Not all patients need to see Read More…

Trust – A movie for all parents

Category: Movies for Moms

An upcoming Hollywood movie – Trust is based on the modern lifestyle driven by the internet, and how innocent teens fall in the trap of untrustworthy people with false online identities. This movie tells the story of a teenage girl, 14 year old Annie, who falls in love with someone online who she has never Read More…

Foods that heal skin disorders

Category: Food

Our skin protects our body from intrusion of harmful foreign substances, water and bacteria to the inner organs. It also helps in detoxification and cooling of body through sweat. The melanin pigment that is responsible for skin color helps in filtering the harmful UV rays from the sun. The skin is kept soft and flexible Read More…

Eighth Month – The Baby knows your voice!

Category: The Nine Months

The third trimester continues, and your baby will grow more in the coming weeks (32 – 35). If you haven’t thought about it yet – it’s time to begin shopping for all the things you will need during and after your baby’s birth! Read more about the eighth month of pregnancy in the given table. Read More…


Understanding Bullying

Category: Behavior and Psychology Child Safety

  The Cambridge Dictionary defines bully as – “to hurt or frighten someone who is smaller or less powerful than you, often forcing them to do something they do not want to do | to threaten to hurt someone, often frightening that person into doing something”.  A child or a person being bullied is either Read More…

Things to stay away from during pregnancy

Category: Pregnancy

Pregnancy needs a lot of care, and precautions have to be taken to maintain a healthy pregnancy. Here is a list of things you should stay away from, right from the beginning of pregnancy (preferably for your whole life for good health), that can risk or complicate pregnancy, or cause birth defects in the baby. Alcohol, Read More…

Cooking Oils and Smoke Point

Category: Food

Smoke point of any cooking oil is the temperature at which the oil starts to break down, produces smoke (which irritates eyes and throat) and contains lots of harmful free radicals. The higher the smoke point, the better the oil is for high temperature cooking like deep frying and stir frying. Buying different cooking oils Read More…

An Eyeopener Documentary – Plastic Planet

Category: Movies for Moms

The extent to which plastics have entered our lives is both surprising and scary. Two commonly known plastic hazards are: 1. BPA or Bisphenol A leaches out of plastic containers to our food and then becomes part of our blood, and is an endocrine disruptor. 2. Plastics are non biodegradable and are polluting the environment. Read More…

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Staying Childfree

Category: Trends

About several years ago, this came up in a conversation with a friend who talked about staying childfree and would like to spend life “freely without restrictions, and more time and resources for self”. I’ve been curious about this again recently after seeing this topic come up during conversations with my other friends who don’t Read More…

Seventh Month – Baby prepares for birth

Category: The Nine Months

Now you have entered the third and final trimester of pregnancy. The seventh month consists of weeks 27 – 31. Read the table below to find out more. Mom-to-Be Baby Do’s and Don’ts Food The growing uterus will put pressure on the bladder, and you may need to urinate more frequently. Your baby can now Read More…

Fifth Month – Feel Your Baby Move!

Category: The Nine Months

This is the mid of the second trimester. The fifth month of pregnancy consists of weeks 17 to 20.  Read the table to know more. Mom-to-Be Baby Do’s and Don’ts Food Breathlessness can be felt sometimes due to enlarging uterus, which puts pressure on the surrounding organs. The baby is now about the size of Read More…

Quick and Healthy Sandwiches

Category: Food Healthy Recipes Lunchbox Recipes

This is my favorite recipe (and my own). This is great for breakfast, evening snack or can be used as a lunchbox recipe for anyone. Ingredients: Whole wheat Bread / multigrain whole wheat bread Cucumber (1) Tomatoes (2) Bell Pepper (1) (Yellow / Red / Green) Sweet Corn (1/2 cup) Purple cabbage (1/2 cup chopped) Read More…