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Immunity Boosters to Beat Common Cold

Category: Immunity

Common cold is the most widespread cause of sickness around the globe. This is caused by bacteria or viruses. If precaution is taken, falling prey to bacteria and viruses that cause cold and flu can be prevented. Our immune system is the last to fight these germs when we allow them to enter our body Read More…

Bonding with your baby during pregnancy

Category: Pregnancy

Bonding with your baby is needed to build some important and fundamental social and psychological qualities in your child. Many studies have shown that children who have good bonding with parents are more disciplined, build strong and healthy relationships, Related posts: No related posts.

Second Month – The new life gets a heartbeat

Category: The Nine Months

This is the month of pregnancy when a mom-to-be notices a missed period, and suspects a pregnancy (Week 5 to Week 8). Refer the given table to read about changes in the mother, the baby, diet and more. Related posts: First Month – The new life Begins Planning Ahead for Work-Life Balance

Moms and the Role Strain

Category: General

It is hard to find a mom who is not juggling several roles at any given time. Mothers, whether they work or stay at home, or handle a business, all are juggling several roles as mom, wife, and businesswoman, working mother or as a part of a welfare community. With ambitions and expectations from self, Read More…

Rice with vegetables

Category: Baby First Food Recipes

This recipe is very healthy and filling for your baby. You may prepare as much quantity as you require. The quantity of ingredients here is enough to fill up a single bowl. Ingredients: Rice –  ½ cup Vegetables – Carrot (1/4th), beans (3-4), potato (1/4th), green peas (very few), cauliflower ( just a little) Water Read More…


Child Abuse and Role of Parents

Category: Child Safety

A child is abused when he/she is emotionally and/or physically hurt by any action by another person. That action can even be shouting or spanking. The nature of abuse can be physical, emotional, sexual or neglect. It depends on the context or the situation in which the abuse occurs. What is done to comfort the Read More…

Shrinking Childhood

Category: Child Sexual Wellness Prevention

The other day I went to my daughter’s pediatrician for her routine immunization and thankfully the doctor brought to my attention the fact that many girls are entering puberty much earlier these days. She told me to reduce my daughter’s intake of dairy products and animal protein. She told me that my daughter is at Read More…

Emotional v/s Healthy Eating

Category: Food

  Food is a vital part of our lives and we have come a long way in associating food with different emotions in our lives. We reach for food when we are happy and want to celebrate, and we reach for food for comfort when we feel sad. Every person is unique and therefore his Read More…

Your Child’s Internet Safety

Category: Child Safety

Internet has become an important part of our daily lives, and children have access to abundant information through it. With all the benefits that internet provides, it comes with many possible risks that can pose a threat to a child’s vulnerable self. Some risks your child may be facing on the internet can be: Chat Read More…

Thyroid Disorders – Don’t miss the signs

Category: Health Prevention

Thyroid disorders are more common among women, and there is a possibility that most of the symptoms of thyroid disease are mistaken as those for PMS, menopause, stress or depression by a person or his/her physician. It is good to go for a blood test for checking thyroid hormone levels, to be sure any symptoms Read More…

The Monsoon Affair

Category: General Care For Kids

Monsoon is traditionally defined as a seasonal reversing wind accompanied by corresponding changes in precipitation. Courtesy – Wikipedia In simple words it’s the lovely time of the year when it rains and everything turns lush green. It is a cool relief after the hot summer. It also brings some not so lovely things like humid Read More…

Is makeup good for skin?

Category: Skin Care

Makeup does not damage skin if the ingredients are of good quality, and some ingredients like antioxidants and minerals are good for the skin. Related posts: No related posts.