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Emotional v/s Healthy Eating

Category: Food

  Food is a vital part of our lives and we have come a long way in associating food with different emotions in our lives. We reach for food when we are happy and want to celebrate, and we reach for food for comfort when we feel sad. Every person is unique and therefore his Read More…

Rice with vegetables

Category: Baby First Food Recipes

This recipe is very healthy and filling for your baby. You may prepare as much quantity as you require. The quantity of ingredients here is enough to fill up a single bowl. Ingredients: Rice –  ½ cup Vegetables – Carrot (1/4th), beans (3-4), potato (1/4th), green peas (very few), cauliflower ( just a little) Water Read More…

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Helping Children learn about Personal Safety

Category: Child Safety

  Children assume that all adults are nurturing, caring and loving towards them, because that is what they need and deserve. They least expect to be hurt, to be abused, and sadly when they are, they are not mature enough to understand the nature of it, though they know that it is nothing but hurtful. Read More…

Prepare your home for safe pregnancy

Category: Pre Pregnancy

There is no place like home. During pregnancy, your home should be the place to relax, have a good time, and should be the safest place to be. Prepare your home for the next 40 weeks, by taking care of few simple things. Related posts: No related posts.

Mushroom Frankie Recipe

Category: Healthy Recipes Lunchbox Recipes

A famous street food of Mumbai, frankie is a wrap made with wheat flour and stuffed with vegetables, eggs, noodles or chicken etc. Frankie is very similar to a kati roll. It makes a very good way of serving healthy veggies and carbs to kids in the form of a filling evening snack. My daughter Read More…

Kids Grow Up – A Documentary

Category: Movies for Moms

Right now, your kid may be a young one, still dependent and close to you. But a certain distance creeps up, as they grow up, go out to the world, make friends, and become a grown up individual with his/her own perception and thinking. For parents, kids are their world, but for kids, their world Read More…

An Eyeopener Documentary – Plastic Planet

Category: Movies for Moms

The extent to which plastics have entered our lives is both surprising and scary. Two commonly known plastic hazards are: 1. BPA or Bisphenol A leaches out of plastic containers to our food and then becomes part of our blood, and is an endocrine disruptor. 2. Plastics are non biodegradable and are polluting the environment. Read More…

Tasty and Oil Free Moong Dal Recipe.

Category: Food Healthy Recipes Recipe for all

This is a very simple dish, easy to make, and very healthy. Ingredients:  Moong dal : 200 grams Tomatoes : 4 Green chillies : 4 or 5, depending on taste Coriander leaves and curry leaves Salt and turmeric to taste. Preparation time: 20 minutes. Wash Moongdal and tomatoes. Related posts: Broken Wheat with Veggies Chicken Read More…

Fourth Month – The baby Smiles

Category: The Nine Months

With this month the second trimester begins, and it consists of weeks 13 to 16 of pregnancy. The second trimester is the most comfortable phase of pregnancy for moms-to-be. Read the given table to know more about the fourth month of pregnancy. Related posts: Third Month – The baby begins movement! First Month – The Read More…

Your Child’s Internet Safety

Category: Child Safety

Internet has become an important part of our daily lives, and children have access to abundant information through it. With all the benefits that internet provides, it comes with many possible risks that can pose a threat to a child’s vulnerable self. Some risks your child may be facing on the internet can be: Chat Read More…

Metabolic Syndrome – Are you at risk?

Category: Health Prevention

Metabolic syndrome doubles the risk of developing heart diseases, diabetes or stroke, also termed as metabolic syndrome X, syndrome X, insulin resistance syndrome, Reaven’s syndrome, cardiometabolic syndrome, prediabetes or even CHAOS. It is a cluster of symptoms that promote development of diabetes or heart diseases in a person. Though metabolic syndrome affects mostly people above Read More…


Understanding Bullying

Category: Behavior and Psychology Child Safety

  The Cambridge Dictionary defines bully as – “to hurt or frighten someone who is smaller or less powerful than you, often forcing them to do something they do not want to do | to threaten to hurt someone, often frightening that person into doing something”.  A child or a person being bullied is either Read More…