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Foods that heal skin disorders

Category: Food

Our skin protects our body from intrusion of harmful foreign substances, water and bacteria to the inner organs. It also helps in detoxification and cooling of body through sweat. The melanin pigment that is responsible for skin color helps in filtering the harmful UV rays from the sun. The skin is kept soft and flexible Read More…

Safe sleeping posture for babies

Category: Baby Sleep Infants (0-3 months)

An infant’s sleep posture is important as this is known to reduce the chances of sleep apnea (breathing cessation while sleeping). Many cases of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) have been observed for infants in which most cases were observed in tummy down sleeping position.The real cause of SIDS has not been found yet but Read More…

Are walkers good for babies?

Category: Toys Baby Furniture and Accessories

Baby walkers appear to be safe and parents like to buy one, assuming it would help the baby learn walking and moving around earlier. Also the baby is assumed to be safe inside it and would help him/her be busy for some time, and that would buy some time for the parents. But the truth is, Read More…

Moms and the Role Strain

Category: General

It is hard to find a mom who is not juggling several roles at any given time. Mothers, whether they work or stay at home, or handle a business, all are juggling several roles as mom, wife, and businesswoman, working mother or as a part of a welfare community. With ambitions and expectations from self, Read More…

Quick and Healthy Sandwiches

Category: Food Healthy Recipes Lunchbox Recipes

This is my favorite recipe (and my own). This is great for breakfast, evening snack or can be used as a lunchbox recipe for anyone. Ingredients: Whole wheat Bread / multigrain whole wheat bread Cucumber (1) Tomatoes (2) Bell Pepper (1) (Yellow / Red / Green) Sweet Corn (1/2 cup) Purple cabbage (1/2 cup chopped) Read More…

Ninth Month – Anytime now!

Category: The Nine Months

By the end of this month or even bit earlier, you will see your baby! Read more about your final month of pregnancy (weeks 36 to 40). Mom-to-Be Baby Do’s and Don’ts Food You may feel mixed emotions of happiness, anxiety and relief as the time of baby’s birth comes near. Your baby is now Read More…

Trust – A movie for all parents

Category: Movies for Moms

An upcoming Hollywood movie – Trust is based on the modern lifestyle driven by the internet, and how innocent teens fall in the trap of untrustworthy people with false online identities. This movie tells the story of a teenage girl, 14 year old Annie, who falls in love with someone online who she has never Read More…

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A perfect Birthday Party

Category: Birthday Party Ideas/Experiences

As a mom, and like all other moms I want a perfect Birthday party for my child  – where everyone has a great time, kids enjoy games together and really like the cake and the food! During my daughter’s 3rd and 4th birthday, we had planned for a typical Birthday party. Me and my husband worked Read More…

Egg Salad Sandwiches

Category: Food Healthy Recipes Lunchbox Recipes

Ingredients hard boiled eggs 5 cabbage 1/4 finely chopped carrot 1 grated… See More spring onions.. 2-3 (optional) mayonnaise 4 tbsp. sour cream 2 tbsp pepper to taste,, sugar just a pinch. Method mix all the ingredients well ,, it should not b to runny or tooo dry,,,consistency well enough to coat all the ingredients,, Read More…

Image Source - Flickr Creative Commons. Image by cliff1066™

Childhood Obesity

Category: Health Lifestyle

Obesity or being overweight is not just limited to adults, and the number of children being reported obese has been increasing over the past few years in many parts of the world. About 10% of children worldwide are either overweight or obese [1]. Obese children are more likely to become obese adults. Obesity is known Read More…

The Ageing Perspective

Category: Lifestyle

Ageing is inevitable, but it is an individual’s choice, how fast or earlier in life he / she would let the effects to occur. The human body is amazing, and can become the way one wants it to be. Age does not limit the opportunities to begin a healthier and happier life. The healthiest and Read More…

Poll – Is smacking a child an act of abuse?

Category: Mommy Poll

Your opinion counts! Do participate and share your thoughts. Smacking a child may be uncommon in some cultures/places and maybe very common in others. Help parents know about what you think is the right way so that parents may build a good bond with their children. Related posts: Poll – Challenges of being a Working Read More…