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Easy Tasty Pasta

Category: Food Healthy Recipes Lunchbox Recipes

Method: Boil pasta of your choice and keep aside. Blend 1 can whole peeled tomatoes, 1 packet tomato paste, 3 tbsp ketchup and 3 tbsp cream cheese(craft glass jar). In a pan put 3 tbsp oil, when hot add 1 tsp garlic and 1 chopped onion. Then add chopped uncooked chicken breast,cook then add the Read More…

Different learning behavior in boys and girls

Category: Behavior and Psychology Schools and Academics

We have come across many debates on how men are different from women, men are better than women or women are better than men and so on. These debates are based on the challenges faced in relationship building and to understand the reasons for typical behaviors in both men and women. It is even more Read More…

Poll – Is smacking a child an act of abuse?

Category: Mommy Poll

Your opinion counts! Do participate and share your thoughts. Smacking a child may be uncommon in some cultures/places and maybe very common in others. Help parents know about what you think is the right way so that parents may build a good bond with their children. Related posts: Poll – Challenges of being a Working Read More…

Safe Bathing for Newborns

Category: Infants (0-3 months)

A newborn is very delicate. Her head has to be supported all the time as she is yet to develop the strength to balance her head on her neck. Bathing a newborn is therefore difficult, if you do not have a properly designed bath tub or a seat to support the baby while you bathe Read More…

Eighth Month – The Baby knows your voice!

Category: The Nine Months

The third trimester continues, and your baby will grow more in the coming weeks (32 – 35). If you haven’t thought about it yet – it’s time to begin shopping for all the things you will need during and after your baby’s birth! Read more about the eighth month of pregnancy in the given table. Read More…

Protect your skin from Sun

Category: Skin Care

Besides good nutrition, skin needs to be protected from pollutants, radiation and harsh weather, which can damage skin structure. Sun’s rays during hot weather are very harmful to skin. The UV radiation can damage skin structure and produce premature wrinkles, tanned skin and extreme exposure can lead to photodermatoses and other skin diseases. Here are Read More…

Padmaja Duvvuri – Arete Technologies

Category: Mompreneurs

  About Me: I’m a mother of two children aged 12 and 5. I’m from Navi Mumbai. By qualification I am a double MBA in IT and HR. Incidentally, I pursued both of my MBA degrees full time after my marriage. Also, I’m fortunate to get selected by ISB as one amongst 10,000 women to Read More…

Foods that heal skin disorders

Category: Food

Our skin protects our body from intrusion of harmful foreign substances, water and bacteria to the inner organs. It also helps in detoxification and cooling of body through sweat. The melanin pigment that is responsible for skin color helps in filtering the harmful UV rays from the sun. The skin is kept soft and flexible Read More…

Helping Children learn about Personal Safety

Category: Child Safety

  Children assume that all adults are nurturing, caring and loving towards them, because that is what they need and deserve. They least expect to be hurt, to be abused, and sadly when they are, they are not mature enough to understand the nature of it, though they know that it is nothing but hurtful. Read More…

Staying Childfree

Category: Trends

About several years ago, this came up in a conversation with a friend who talked about staying childfree and would like to spend life “freely without restrictions, and more time and resources for self”. I’ve been curious about this again recently after seeing this topic come up during conversations with my other friends who don’t Read More…

Is makeup good for skin?

Category: Skin Care

Makeup does not damage skin if the ingredients are of good quality, and some ingredients like antioxidants and minerals are good for the skin. Related posts: No related posts.

Losing weight the healthy way

Category: Lifestyle

If you are trying to get your body weight to near ideal for pregnancy, which is important (Why?), your diet matters. Here we have provided some general guidelines for your knowledge, and which you can note down for discussion with your dietician. Related posts: No related posts.

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