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Social Intelligence right from the start

Category: Behavior and Psychology

To develop excellent social intelligence, there is no effort required in that regard, and it comes naturally. It is an instinctive and natural part of one’s personality. Any effort to show good social intelligence would make a conversation or a gesture appear fake. It has to be a natural part of a person to win Read More…

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Helping Children learn about Personal Safety

Category: Child Safety

  Children assume that all adults are nurturing, caring and loving towards them, because that is what they need and deserve. They least expect to be hurt, to be abused, and sadly when they are, they are not mature enough to understand the nature of it, though they know that it is nothing but hurtful. Read More…

Kids Grow Up – A Documentary

Category: Movies for Moms

Right now, your kid may be a young one, still dependent and close to you. But a certain distance creeps up, as they grow up, go out to the world, make friends, and become a grown up individual with his/her own perception and thinking. For parents, kids are their world, but for kids, their world Read More…


Child Abuse and Role of Parents

Category: Child Safety

A child is abused when he/she is emotionally and/or physically hurt by any action by another person. That action can even be shouting or spanking. The nature of abuse can be physical, emotional, sexual or neglect. It depends on the context or the situation in which the abuse occurs. What is done to comfort the Read More…

Cooking Oils – The list

Category: Food Health

Selecting a cooking-oil which suits family health needs may sometimes be tricky. We have listed some common cooking oils along with their health benefits which can help you select the best for you and your family. The usage of oils for cooking is to be decided depending on how you want to cook food like Read More…

Shrinking Childhood

Category: Child Sexual Wellness Prevention

The other day I went to my daughter’s pediatrician for her routine immunization and thankfully the doctor brought to my attention the fact that many girls are entering puberty much earlier these days. She told me to reduce my daughter’s intake of dairy products and animal protein. She told me that my daughter is at Read More…

Quick and Healthy Sandwiches

Category: Food Healthy Recipes Lunchbox Recipes

This is my favorite recipe (and my own). This is great for breakfast, evening snack or can be used as a lunchbox recipe for anyone. Ingredients: Whole wheat Bread / multigrain whole wheat bread Cucumber (1) Tomatoes (2) Bell Pepper (1) (Yellow / Red / Green) Sweet Corn (1/2 cup) Purple cabbage (1/2 cup chopped) Read More…

Doing it all Myth

Category: Youtube Videos

Here are some more curated videos from YouTube (TechCrunch) for moms! These discussions are worth watching for moms and are based on Sheryl Sandberg’s book Lean In. The videos are Part 1 and Part 2 of the discussion: Related posts: Some Good YouTube Videos on Fetus Development

10 Good Reasons to eat more Mangoes!

Category: Food

It’s Summer Time, and the King of fruits – Mango is flooding the food market. Mango mostly originates in the Indian Subcontinent, and therefore is a popular Indian fruit. In fact, it is the national fruit of India.  There are almost 60 different varieties of Mangoes found in India, but most popular among them is Read More…

Things to stay away from during pregnancy

Category: Pregnancy

Pregnancy needs a lot of care, and precautions have to be taken to maintain a healthy pregnancy. Here is a list of things you should stay away from, right from the beginning of pregnancy (preferably for your whole life for good health), that can risk or complicate pregnancy, or cause birth defects in the baby. Alcohol, Read More…

Safe Bathing for Newborns

Category: Infants (0-3 months)

A newborn is very delicate. Her head has to be supported all the time as she is yet to develop the strength to balance her head on her neck. Bathing a newborn is therefore difficult, if you do not have a properly designed bath tub or a seat to support the baby while you bathe Read More…

Moms and the Role Strain

Category: General

It is hard to find a mom who is not juggling several roles at any given time. Mothers, whether they work or stay at home, or handle a business, all are juggling several roles as mom, wife, and businesswoman, working mother or as a part of a welfare community. With ambitions and expectations from self, Read More…