Grilled Sandwich with tofu and vegetables

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  This is a tasty sandwich rich in proteins (tofu), vitamins and minerals (vegetables and bread), carbohydrates (bread) and calcium (cheese) and can be served in breakfast or as an evening snack. Ingredients: Whole wheat or multigrain bread For Sandwich Filling Slices or small cubes of Tofu (medium – that is soft but firm) (1 Read More…

Colorful Cottage Cheese Salad

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Low fat Cottage cheese is a good source of calcium, and safe to eat during pregnancy. It is a good food for women to build their calcium reserves, and is a good source of protein. Adding some fresh vegetables and herbs adds to the nutritional value. Ingredients (serves 2-3): Chopped Cucumber (1 small) Sweet corn Read More…

Keeping baby cool in summers

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Hot and humid climate is very difficult to bear for anyone. Extreme heat can cause dehydration and rashes on the baby’s skin. Here are some tips to keep your baby comfortable in the scorching heat.Avoiding dehydration:Babies who are breastfed get enough hydration from the breast milk. Try to breastfeed your baby whenever she wants (she Read More…

10 Good Reasons to eat more Mangoes!

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It’s Summer Time, and the King of fruits – Mango is flooding the food market. Mango mostly originates in the Indian Subcontinent, and therefore is a popular Indian fruit. In fact, it is the national fruit of India.  There are almost 60 different varieties of Mangoes found in India, but most popular among them is Read More…

Ideas for Nausea Relief

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The most uncomfortable part of pregnancy is the morning sickness which goes on for the first several months of pregnancy, and for some, it goes even beyond the first few months.  And it’s not just in the morning but may go on for the entire day. Getting good nutrition is important during pregnancy, but nausea Read More…

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A Safe and Beautiful Diwali

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Diwali is around the corner, and you may have already done the Diwali shopping – firecrackers, lights, oil lamps, decorations, and sweets! Having a safe Diwali is as important as the celebrations. So here are some ideas for safety during Diwali: Lighting Oil Lamps and Candles: Oil lamps (diyas) are really beautiful, but one has Read More…

Some Good YouTube Videos on Fetus Development

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These videos are a good source of information if you want to learn about how a baby is conceived, gets embedded in the uterus, and develops further. Related posts: Are walkers good for babies?

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Popcorn Peril

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Popcorn is originally a whole grain, healthy, low calorie snack. But the demand for extra taste and flavor has made it what this snack does not deserve to be. Some flavorings which include cooking it in oil or butter add extra calories to it. Artificial flavorings are another ways to increase health hazards of this Read More…

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Dealing with PMS

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When I suddenly start feeling like a failure, like I haven’t done enough to make my parents proud, or a feeling of hopelessness that I will not be a good role model for my daughter, or when I feel that I don’t have good friends, I realized I am feeling this because of PMS, because Read More…

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Competing to learn?

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A friend’s child came over to play with my daughter the other day, and I served them rice with vegetables. Both being fussy eaters, I had to motivate them by telling “whoever finishes the food will become stronger and intelligent, oh see, Noor (my daughter) has already finished half of it and you haven’t even Read More…

When should I start brushing my baby’s teeth?

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Your baby’s teeth start appearing by 6 months of age. You can start cleaning the baby’s first teeth with a soft finger brush. But that brush needs to be sterilized every time. So, a soft, lint free, and clean cotton cloth can be used for wiping the baby’s teeth after every feed. Giving some water Read More…

The Ageing Perspective

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Ageing is inevitable, but it is an individual’s choice, how fast or earlier in life he / she would let the effects to occur. The human body is amazing, and can become the way one wants it to be. Age does not limit the opportunities to begin a healthier and happier life. The healthiest and Read More…