Thyroid Disorders – Don’t miss the signs

Category: Health Prevention

Thyroid disorders are more common among women, and there is a possibility that most of the symptoms of thyroid disease are mistaken as those for PMS, menopause, stress or depression by a person or his/her physician. It is good to go for a blood test for checking thyroid hormone levels, to be sure any symptoms Read More…

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Different learning behavior in boys and girls

Category: Behavior and Psychology Schools and Academics

We have come across many debates on how men are different from women, men are better than women or women are better than men and so on. These debates are based on the challenges faced in relationship building and to understand the reasons for typical behaviors in both men and women. It is even more Read More…

Feed your skin

Category: Skin Care

The secret of beautiful glowing skin is the nourishment it requires to stay healthy. Beauty treatments can give good results but cannot have a long lasting effect. For naturally beautiful skin, certain nutrients are required that keep the skin healthy and supple. Collagen fibers are responsible for the skin’s elasticity and youth. With increasing age Read More…

Metabolic Syndrome – Are you at risk?

Category: Health Prevention

Metabolic syndrome doubles the risk of developing heart diseases, diabetes or stroke, also termed as metabolic syndrome X, syndrome X, insulin resistance syndrome, Reaven’s syndrome, cardiometabolic syndrome, prediabetes or even CHAOS. It is a cluster of symptoms that promote development of diabetes or heart diseases in a person. Though metabolic syndrome affects mostly people above Read More…

Ideas for Nausea Relief

Category: Pregnancy

The most uncomfortable part of pregnancy is the morning sickness which goes on for the first several months of pregnancy, and for some, it goes even beyond the first few months.  And it’s not just in the morning but may go on for the entire day. Getting good nutrition is important during pregnancy, but nausea Read More…

Eighth Month – The Baby knows your voice!

Category: The Nine Months

The third trimester continues, and your baby will grow more in the coming weeks (32 – 35). If you haven’t thought about it yet – it’s time to begin shopping for all the things you will need during and after your baby’s birth! Read more about the eighth month of pregnancy in the given table. Read More…

Safe sleeping posture for babies

Category: Baby Sleep Infants (0-3 months)

An infant’s sleep posture is important as this is known to reduce the chances of sleep apnea (breathing cessation while sleeping). Many cases of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) have been observed for infants in which most cases were observed in tummy down sleeping position.The real cause of SIDS has not been found yet but Read More…

First Month – The new life Begins

Category: The Nine Months

In the first month of pregnancy, a woman is often not aware that she is pregnant! This is the month a woman conceives a baby and may start noticing some changes in her body and behavior. For some the pregnancy is planned, but for some it can be a surprise. Once pregnancy is confirmed, the Read More…

When should I start brushing my baby’s teeth?

Category: Baby's Dental Care

Your baby’s teeth start appearing by 6 months of age. You can start cleaning the baby’s first teeth with a soft finger brush. But that brush needs to be sterilized every time. So, a soft, lint free, and clean cotton cloth can be used for wiping the baby’s teeth after every feed. Giving some water Read More…

The Monsoon Affair

Category: General Care For Kids

Monsoon is traditionally defined as a seasonal reversing wind accompanied by corresponding changes in precipitation. Courtesy – Wikipedia In simple words it’s the lovely time of the year when it rains and everything turns lush green. It is a cool relief after the hot summer. It also brings some not so lovely things like humid Read More…

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Smart Carbs

Category: Food Health

Our food choices play a big role in how we age and in maintaining health and vitality of our body. Carbohydrates form a major part of our daily food, and paying attention to what kinds of carbs we eat can keep health issues at bay. Carbohydrates (present in food grains, fruits and vegetables) provide energy Read More…

The Best Job

Category: Youtube Videos

This is a must watch commercial for all moms, and therefore I am sharing it with you. This commercial has touched the hearts of many, including mine, because the emotions shown in this video depict the real emotions and feelings moms go through while raising their children. Not only parents of Olympic athletes, but behind Read More…