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Dealing with Depression during Pregnancy

Category: Pregnancy

Am I Depressed? – Symptoms of depression are persistent negative thoughts, feelings and emotions (from sadness, hopelessness, worthlessness to suicidal) which affect a person’s personality, health, work and relationship Related posts: Bonding with your baby during pregnancy

Fifth Month – Feel Your Baby Move!

Category: The Nine Months

This is the mid of the second trimester. The fifth month of pregnancy consists of weeks 17 to 20.  Read the table to know more. Related posts: Third Month – The baby begins movement! Fourth Month – The baby Smiles First Month – The new life Begins Second Month – The new life gets a Read More…

Ideas for Nausea Relief

Category: Pregnancy

The most uncomfortable part of pregnancy is the morning sickness which goes on for the first several months of pregnancy, and for some, it goes even beyond the first few months.  And it’s not just in the morning but may go on for the entire day. Getting good nutrition is important during pregnancy, but nausea Read More…

Immunity Boosters to Beat Common Cold

Category: Immunity

Common cold is the most widespread cause of sickness around the globe. This is caused by bacteria or viruses. If precaution is taken, falling prey to bacteria and viruses that cause cold and flu can be prevented. Our immune system is the last to fight these germs when we allow them to enter our body Read More…

Crispy Potato Cheese Sticks

Category: Food Healthy Recipes Recipe for all

Crispy potato-cheese sticks. I mixed 2 potatos( peeled & boiled) with 1/2 c motzarella & 1/2 c bread crumbs , 1 egg , salt & pepper. then made them in this shape (sticks), u can also make them ball shaped. I coated them with flour, eggs & bread crums & fried in oil. quick and Read More…

Trust – A movie for all parents

Category: Movies for Moms

An upcoming Hollywood movie – Trust is based on the modern lifestyle driven by the internet, and how innocent teens fall in the trap of untrustworthy people with false online identities. This movie tells the story of a teenage girl, 14 year old Annie, who falls in love with someone online who she has never Read More…


Some of the best Apps for Moms

Category: Technology

There are loads of apps available today and here is a list of some of the best ones for moms. I am using most of these apps and these are great! Evernote I usually keep post-its or small pocket books to jot down important info, only to lose them later. I then started using notes Read More…

The Ageing Perspective

Category: Lifestyle

Ageing is inevitable, but it is an individual’s choice, how fast or earlier in life he / she would let the effects to occur. The human body is amazing, and can become the way one wants it to be. Age does not limit the opportunities to begin a healthier and happier life. Related posts: Smoking Read More…

Keeping baby cool in summers

Category: General Care For Kids

Hot and humid climate is very difficult to bear for anyone. Extreme heat can cause dehydration and rashes on the baby’s skin. Here are some tips to keep your baby comfortable in the scorching heat.Avoiding dehydration:Babies who are breastfed get enough hydration from the breast milk. Try to breastfeed your baby whenever she wants (she Read More…

Moms and the Role Strain

Category: General

It is hard to find a mom who is not juggling several roles at any given time. Mothers, whether they work or stay at home, or handle a business, all are juggling several roles as mom, wife, and businesswoman, working mother or as a part of a welfare community. With ambitions and expectations from self, Read More…

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Is mango and papaya safe during pregnancy?

Category: Food Health Pregnancy

Both mango and papaya are fruits rich in vitamins A and C. Especially papaya is rich with B vitamin folate which is extremely important during the very early development stages of the baby. Many moms-to-be are warned to avoid eating these fruits during pregnancy but are seldom told the “real” reason behind it – well, Read More…

Padmaja Duvvuri – Arete Technologies

Category: Mompreneurs

  About Me: I’m a mother of two children aged 12 and 5. I’m from Navi Mumbai. By qualification I am a double MBA in IT and HR. Incidentally, I pursued both of my MBA degrees full time after my marriage. Also, I’m fortunate to get selected by ISB as one amongst 10,000 women to Read More…

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