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An Eyeopener Documentary – Plastic Planet

Category: Movies for Moms

The extent to which plastics have entered our lives is both surprising and scary. Two commonly known plastic hazards are: 1. BPA or Bisphenol A leaches out of plastic containers to our food and then becomes part of our blood, and is an endocrine disruptor. 2. Plastics are non biodegradable and are polluting the environment. Read More…

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A Safe and Beautiful Diwali

Category: Celebrations and Festivities

Diwali is around the corner, and you may have already done the Diwali shopping – firecrackers, lights, oil lamps, decorations, and sweets! Having a safe Diwali is as important as the celebrations. So here are some ideas for safety during Diwali: Lighting Oil Lamps and Candles: Oil lamps (diyas) are really beautiful, but one has Read More…

Some Good YouTube Videos on Fetus Development

Category: Videos

These videos are a good source of information if you want to learn about how a baby is conceived, gets embedded in the uterus, and develops further. Related posts: Are walkers good for babies?

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Educating children on Money and Banking

Category: Schools and Academics

Educating children about money and increasing their financial literacy has lots of benefits. Children who remain uninformed about financial matters and who do not develop financial skills early in life may lag behind in financial management skills in their adulthood. Financial skills are as important as academics but are sometimes ignored. These skills are important Read More…

Amber Alerts in Google Maps for missing children

Category: Child Safety

Subscribing to blogs is really helpful and keeps me informed. I have subscribed to few tech and news blogs and they are really great! I recently subscribed to Official Google Blog and got this news and thought this is worth sharing with moms. Google has integrated Google Maps with Amber Alerts system in few locations Read More…

Household Child Safety – Window Coverings

Category: Child Safety

Young children can get anywhere if left unchecked for a moment and any ordinary household item can quickly become their favorite new play toy. Unfortunately, many of these seemingly harmless things can easily become hazardous for small children. The best thing parents can do is be aware and be preventive by removing or child-proofing the Read More…

Age and Fertility

Category: Pre Pregnancy

Women have their peak reproductive health between the age of 20 – 25. With increasing age, the changes in the reproductive system reduce the chances of conceiving. The number of eggs in the ovaries reduces with age. The ovarian follicles also become less productive with age and release of reproductive hormones also reduces. With increasing Read More…

Keeping baby cool in summers

Category: General Care For Kids

Hot and humid climate is very difficult to bear for anyone. Extreme heat can cause dehydration and rashes on the baby’s skin. Here are some tips to keep your baby comfortable in the scorching heat.Avoiding dehydration:Babies who are breastfed get enough hydration from the breast milk. Try to breastfeed your baby whenever she wants (she Read More…

Cooking Oils and Smoke Point

Category: Food

Smoke point of any cooking oil is the temperature at which the oil starts to break down, produces smoke (which irritates eyes and throat) and contains lots of harmful free radicals. The higher the smoke point, the better the oil is for high temperature cooking like deep frying and stir frying. Buying different cooking oils Read More…

Fifth Month – Feel Your Baby Move!

Category: The Nine Months

This is the mid of the second trimester. The fifth month of pregnancy consists of weeks 17 to 20.  Read the table to know more. Mom-to-Be Baby Do’s and Don’ts Food Breathlessness can be felt sometimes due to enlarging uterus, which puts pressure on the surrounding organs. The baby is now about the size of Read More…


Child Abuse and Role of Parents

Category: Child Safety

A child is abused when he/she is emotionally and/or physically hurt by any action by another person. That action can even be shouting or spanking. The nature of abuse can be physical, emotional, sexual or neglect. It depends on the context or the situation in which the abuse occurs. What is done to comfort the Read More…

How much salt is OK in my Baby’s first food?

Category: Baby Food

Salt makes food tastier, but it is better to let the baby’s first food be without salt. The daily amount of salt required by a baby is not more than 1g per day (which means around One fifth of a teaspoon. 1 tsp = 5g of salt). Too much salt can damage kidneys, result Read More…