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Aparna Ponnappa – REDD Network

Category: Mompreneurs

  About Me After a really successful business venture, in my teens, in Delhi in the fashion garments space, and when I was still in school I took the ‘professional’ route.  I graduated in commerce and did my MBA and then got myself a job! I had my professional qualification in HR from XLRI Jamshedpur, Read More…

Keeping baby cool in summers

Category: General Care For Kids

Hot and humid climate is very difficult to bear for anyone. Extreme heat can cause dehydration and rashes on the baby’s skin. Here are some tips to keep your baby comfortable in the scorching heat.Avoiding dehydration:Babies who are breastfed get enough hydration from the breast milk. Try to breastfeed your baby whenever she wants (she Read More…

When should I start brushing my baby’s teeth?

Category: Baby's Dental Care

Your baby’s teeth start appearing by 6 months of age. You can start cleaning the baby’s first teeth with a soft finger brush. But that brush needs to be sterilized every time. So, a soft, Related posts: No related posts.

Babita Jaishankar

Babita Jaishankar – Wardrobe Solutions

Category: Mompreneurs

About Me I am a mom of two wonderful daughters. By profession/passion I am a fashion designer, image consultant and CEO/Founder at WSol. I like baking, dancing, swimming, travel, shopping, a gym and dance freak .Passionate about colors, fabric, texture, and people. Related posts: No related posts.

10 Good Reasons to eat more Mangoes!

Category: Food

It’s Summer Time, and the King of fruits – Mango is flooding the food market. Mango mostly originates in the Indian Subcontinent, and therefore is a popular Indian fruit. In fact, it is the national fruit of India.  There are almost 60 different varieties of Mangoes found in India, but most popular among them is Read More…

Third Month – The baby begins movement!

Category: The Nine Months

The third month of pregnancy is from week 9 to 12 and the last month of the first trimester. The fetus now is safer and more developed as compared to when it was an embryo in the earlier weeks. The given table summarizes the third month of pregnancy. Related posts: First Month – The new Read More…

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Competing to learn?

Category: Schools and Academics

A friend’s child came over to play with my daughter the other day, and I served them rice with vegetables. Both being fussy eaters, I had to motivate them by telling “whoever finishes the food will become stronger and intelligent, oh see, Noor (my daughter) has already finished half of it and you haven’t even Read More…

Social Intelligence right from the start

Category: Behavior and Psychology

To develop excellent social intelligence, there is no effort required in that regard, and it comes naturally. It is an instinctive and natural part of one’s personality. Any effort to show good social intelligence would make a conversation or a gesture appear fake. It has to be a natural part of a person to win Read More…

Thyroid Disorders – Don’t miss the signs

Category: Health Prevention

Thyroid disorders are more common among women, and there is a possibility that most of the symptoms of thyroid disease are mistaken as those for PMS, menopause, stress or depression by a person or his/her physician. It is good to go for a blood test for checking thyroid hormone levels, to be sure any symptoms Read More…

Garden Gupshups and more

Category: General

Wanted to share something I wrote on my blog, about juggling work time with time spent with kids, especially during the holiday time… not sure what others moms are doing about this, but maybe the posters attached on my blog post may be of interest to some mothers… sharing one here! [ratings] Related posts: Read More…

Age and Fertility

Category: Pre Pregnancy

Women have their peak reproductive health between the age of 20 – 25. With increasing age, the changes in the reproductive system reduce the chances of conceiving. The number of eggs in the ovaries reduces with age. The ovarian follicles Related posts: Fertility and Conception

Staying warm during Indian harsh winters

Category: Seasonal Care and Prevention

I am staying in Bangalore where the temperature is a comfortable 18 – 27 C, its hard to imagine the chilling weather in Northern India these days where this year the temperature has fallen 5 degrees lower than normal. It has dropped to just several degrees above freezing point and it’s the coldest since the Read More…

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